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Topanga Messenger Article by Annemarie Donkin

With a packed and appreciative audience at the Community House on Saturday, October 17, the 2015 Topanga Talent Show was a hit with kids and adults alike.


Topanga Messenger Article – By Katie Dalsemer


The second you walked into the Community House you knew Topanga Youth Service’s (TYS) production of Pippin would be far from ordinary.

Topanga Messenger Article – By Katie Dalsemer


On November 22nd in a sleepy little town, in a modest but most beloved venue something magical happened. Kids, tweens, teens, parents and a random sampling of nocturnal woodland creatures looked up, if only for a moment, from their mobile devices to watch a stunning array of performers in the 2014 Topanga Talent Show.

Topanga Messenger Article – By Karen Cooke


Topanga Youth Services (TYS ) cast more than 30 kids and teens who worked very hard for three months on a staged version of the film, Pitch Perfect, that was suggested and adapted by Cassandra Briskman, who took the role of Chloe in the play. Under the guidance of choreographer Cecilie Stuart Garcia with help from teens, Amelia Lampard and Saisha Brody and an outstanding vocal coach in Shane Liliedahl, the cast learned the art of a cappella singing, dancing and acting to present outstanding performances and happy audiences.

Topanga Messenger Article – By Annemarie Donkin


The sun broke through on a breezy afternoon when Topanga Youth Services (TYS) hosted four exciting, up-and-coming local rock bands for an inaugural outdoor festival on April 13.

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Topanga Youth Services presented Grease, the Musical at the Topanga Community House on March 8, 9 and 10. The book, music and lyrics were by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey.

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Topanga Youth Services has teamed up with Focus Fish for an original show in the style of Cirque to present a group of Topanga youths who will showcase their talents in the air and on the ground in “Technicolor Dream: A Cirque Adventure,” where the colorful circus transforms the silent world of three lost boys.

Topanga Messenger Article – By Tanya Starcevich


The annual Topanga Youth Services production is under way! This year promises to be another blast from the past with the musical, Come Together, written and directed by Karen Cooke.

Topanga Messenger Article – By Kathie Gibboney


The faithful old stage at the Topanga Community House is currently being trod by numerous youthful feet in rehearsal for an opera. That, in itself is an admirable feat. Director Billy Portman, along with Topanga Youth Services (TYS) director, Karen Cooke, have amazingly brought together some 40 cast members, ranging in age from 10 to 15 for Topanga’s first-ever production of the rock opera Tommy, to be presented the first week in April. The story and music, originally written and performed by The Who in the late 1960s, is about a young boy who is traumatized and becomes, for awhile, blind and deaf, yet he possesses a remarkable skill as a pin-ball wizard.

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"I want to be a producer, with a hit show on Broadway," or at the very least at Topanga Community House! Topanga Youth Services (TYS) staged a musical to remember on May 4 and 5 - the kind that you can't get the lyrics out of your head or the memory of 10 enthusiastic kids ranging in age from 10 to 15 singing, dancing and performing their little hearts out to a full house. As they marched out on stage singing "Opening Night" on the actual opening night, there was electricity in the air. Family and friends looked on as the actors nailed every line, lyric and expression with pure showmanship that would have made Mel Brooks proud.